Salad Solutions

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Salad Solutions

Our salad solution range was a brain child of creating our “Naked Salad” range while developing a solution for our food service clients to receive restaurant style salads. We wanted to provide a salad that will remain as fresh for you when opening them as they were when we made them.

Our Solutions Range gives you six options that will just knock the socks off your customers with freshness and taste. As with our “Naked Salad” range we place the dressing on the bottom to keep all the beautiful fresh and cooked ingredients, prepared by our chefs, just the way they were when they prepared them. They all come with a separate bag of fresh greens so that they are still fresh and crisp and not soft and wilted.

Each Solution kit will make a single large 2kg salad, or reserve and replenish 2-3 times when required, to ensure the salad remains looking fantastic.

These salad solutions will make over any fresh food counter and make it seem like the Head chef is just out the back creating them.

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  1. Tip salad into mixing bowl

  2. Toss / mix well so dressing is folded through

  3. Lay a bed of fresh greens or reserve on the side to stay crisp

  4. Lay salad in serving dish and present

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