The Happy Gut Co.

The “Happy Gut Co” was created from the idea of bettering our own health and wellbeing with products that are not just focusing on microbe counts but on flavour and complexity as well.



A classic kraut taken to the next level – ripe-caramelised flavours of pineapple infused with ginger and turmeric is heavenly. Uplift any of your salad, chicken or seafood dishes.

Ruby Beet


Citrusy, tart hit polished with natural local beet & apple sweetness. This superstar plays fantastic with all your hero dishes

Moroccan Carrot Kraut

Sweet crunchy carrot – kicked with a blend of Moroccan spices, touch of orange & fresh coriander. Plays well with chicken, pork and your favourite dishes Pineapple.

Spicy Curtido Kraut

Latin American style kraut, fresh, tart and of course spicy. Livened up with a pop of coriander, fresh lime and vinegar. Great as a pickle to spice up your tacos, salads or chicken dishes.



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